A Message from Our President

I would like to start this message by expressing my excitement for being re-elected as President of Brams United Girls Soccer Club. I look forward to working alongside the Board of Directors, players, parent volunteers, coaches, tech staff and support staff.

Brampton is populated with families with ties to every major soccer power house around the world. Families are passionate about the game of Soccer. Our goal is to build on that passion and create an environment that welcomes female soccer players of every skill level to develop to the heights they strive for. If it’s to play recreationally with friends or compete at the highest level, there will be a place for you at Brams United.

I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all the coaches and other volunteers that give their time and efforts to Brams United. We are a ‘Not For Profit’ that is based around its volunteers so without our volunteers, we would not be able to provide the programs that we do. It is these people along side our professional Tech Staff who are teaching our players what it means to be part of a team, how to express themselves and be comfortable with who they are. Thank you for making an impact on so many lives.

Brams United, like the game itself is ever evolving. I would like to say thank you to all our members that come back every year to register their daughters and trust in us to provide a fun filled environment for them. I want to wish you all a great year. We are all here to support our children in something they love. Positive feedback and encouragement is key in building life long memories. The most important part about Youth soccer is the friendships we build and memories we make…if we happen to learn a skill or two along the way, that’s just icing on the cake. We will never get our yesterdays back but our todays are the foundation of our future.

See you on the pitch!

Neeraj Sharma