Philosophy and Club History

Vision Statement
To continue to empower girls through the sport of Soccer, helping them build self confidence in a positive environment while providing a place to make friends, stay active and have fun. The stage is getting bigger and the future is bright.

Mission Statement
Brams United is committed to the development of their players on and off the pitch. As the only sanctioned all Girls Soccer Club, our focus is to give every young female player the opportunity to express themselves and share their passion for the game. At Brams there is a place for every player at every level. The opportunities are endless!

Coaching Philosophy
Our coaching philosophy is to provide a positive environment that allows all female soccer players to gain confidence, mature as individuals and learn life long skills through the universal game of soccer.

Brams United Girls Soccer Club History – June 1st, 1978
Until 1978, there was no separate girls’ soccer club in Brampton, and the girls who wanted to play were placed on teams within the mixed girls/boys clubs. Some of the parents formed the opinion that the girls were being treated as “second-class” members of the clubs, and decided to form a separate club for girls only. That was the beginning of Brams United Girls Soccer Club.

“Brams” signified the combination of Brampton and Bramalea. “United” signified the club was not intended to separate Brampton into two distinct areas, as was the case with the boys clubs, where anyone living east of Highway 410 (then Heart Lake Road) had to register with Chinguacousy Soccer Club (now Brampton East Soccer Club) and anyone living west of the dividing line had to register with Brampton Youth Soccer Club.