Competitive Program Overviews

Age DivisionProgram Outline
U8 (Born in 2012)2019-2020 U8 Program Outline
U9 (Born in 2011)2019-2020 U9 Program Outline
U10 (Born in 2010)2019-2020 U10 Program Outline
U11 (Born in 2009)2019-2020 U11 Program Outline
U12 (Born in 2008)2019-2020 U12 Program Outline
U13 (Born in 2007)2019-2020 U13A Program Outline
2019-2020 U13B Program Outline
U14 (Born in 2006)2019-2020 U14A Program Outline
U15 (Born in 2005)2019-2020 U15A Program Outline
2019-2020 U15B Program Outline
U16 (Born in 2004)2019-2020 U16A Program Outline
U17 (Born in 2003)2019-2020 U17A Program Outline
U18 (Born in 2002)2019-2020 U18A Program Outline


Rep soccer is a competitive program for our most talented and committed players. Under the guidance of our Technical Director, and applying the relevant long term player development (LTPD) recommendations, as published by the Canadian Soccer Association (CSA), we strive to maximize the potential of all players.

Competitive tryouts are hosted annually at the end of the summer season – late September, early October. However players are welcome to contact their appropriate age group coaches at any time should they be interested in representative soccer.

Competitive Program Fees

Brams United has an annual Rep fee structure which means players will only need to take part in trials in the fall and if successful in earning a spot on a Rep Team, will register for a full year program.

The annual fee will also include fees previously collected by teams for items such as equipment, first aid training etc. eliminating the team budgets and fees that were managed by the team Treasurer. The process of obtaining supplies, equipment etc. will be outlined for the team Coaches and Managers under separate communication.

Fee Process

You will have the option to pay the fees in full or installment payments.

A player will receive an email offer for a place on a Brams United Competitive team, at which time the Rep registration will be placed in your basket and you will need to complete the registration process and pay the non-refundable first payment confirming acceptance of the spot on the roster. You will have 48 hours to complete the registration and pay the initial payment.