Errol Elrick Fraser Jr. – 1979 – 2018

Errol Elrick Fraser Jr. – “What’s Crack-A-Lacking”

1979 – 2018

On May 21, 2018, The Brams United Soccer Club unexpectedly lost a dearly beloved and valued member, Coach Errol Fraser.

It is with heavy hearts and great sadness, that we announce the passing of Coach Errol Fraser Jr., Head Coach of the U12 Rep team, after a brief but tough battle against his illness at Mount Sinai Hospital, Toronto. He is survived by his loving wife Keisha, adoring daughters Kayla (11) and Khloe (4), his dear parents Evandney Walton and Errol Fraser Sr. and siblings.

For those who knew Coach Errol, they knew that he was a man filled with a love for life, family and friends.

He worked for the Brampton Transit System and was an avid basketball player whom, in his college and university years was co- captain for the Ryerson Rams, and point guard for Algonquin College- Thunders. He was passionate about motorcycles, sports and was a die-hard fan of the Buffalo Bills.

In 2011, Coach Errol and Keisha registered their oldest daughter into the Brams United house league program. Since then, Coach Errol had been a dedicated and committed member of the club. In 2015- 2016, he took an assistant coaching position for the U8/ U9 girls rep team, and in the summer of 2017, he became head coach to the U10 Target team. In September of 2017 to present day, Coach Errol had been an integral part of the U12 rep team as their Head Coach.

His mantra for his team was simply based on family. His pre-game rally would often consist of having his girls look to one another and see each other as more than team mates, he wanted them to see each other as life-long friends, sisters… family. He encouraged them to look out for one another, lift each other up when they were down and to celebrate each other’s successes. He took each lesson learned on the field as a lesson to be learned in life; whether it was how to win gratefully or to how to lose with grace. He demanded from his team no less than 110% effort during practices, games and in life.

Coach Errol’s presence will be greatly missed on and off the field by not only the girls from the U8- U12 teams but by the parents, the Tech Team, the Brams United members and all who were blessed to have known and loved him.

His infamous greeting of “What’s crack-a-lacking’?”, his response, “I can’t complain” when asked how he was, his fist pumps, “Another day, another dime”, “it’s all good” and most importantly, his infectious smile will forever be etched in our memories.

Our heartfelt and deepest condolences are with his wife, children and family. May his legacy of athleticism, strength, and his enduring love for life and family live on in his daughter’s Kayla & Khloe and in all those who were blessed to have known such a wonderful man.

We dedicate this season to Coach Errol, and we hope to do him proud.

May you rest in eternal peace, Coach Errol.


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There is a GoFundMe page created to assist Errol’s Family:

GoFundMe – Errol Fraser’s Battle

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