Q.  When does registration open? When does it close?
Summer Outdoor registration opens annually in January. Fall and Winter Indoor registration opens annually in August. Registration is subject to field availability, and program spots can fill up prior to the start date. We encourage participants to register as soon as possible to avoid waitlists.

Q.  How do I register?
All members are required to create a PowerUp Sports profile online in order to register. Each profile must have a guardian over 18 years of age, and then you may add each family member with their date of birth in order to access their age-specific programs. For help with registration please contact recreational@bramsunited.ca or (905) 452-8169 or click here for a video tutorial.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?
The following methods of payment are accepted:

Q.  What equipment does a participant require?

  • Shinpads are mandatory for all ages/programs
  • Soccer cleats are encouraged for indoor and outdoor turf and grass, but participants may wear running shoes. Rain/snow boots and open-toed shoes are not permitted.
  • No jewelry of any kind is permitted. Taping earrings is not permitted (avoid piercings during peak season).
  • Participants receive a jersey, shorts, and socks each season. Coaches receive soccer balls per team.

Q.  How do I know my child’s schedule and team information?

Typically 2 weeks prior to the first game, once Brams United has completed the roster process, you will be able to log into your Brams United PowerUp profile and access the team information and schedule. Please click here for a video tutorial on how to access this information.  

Q.  Can I request a specific coach or teammate in the recreational program?

  • All player requests must be submitted via PowerUp Sports upon registration. 
  • Brams United strives to provide balanced teams for the enjoyment of all participants in all programs. We are unable to guarantee requests will be fulfilled but will make every effort to accommodate requests that align with the Player Request policy.
  • Brams United operations staff form team rosters. Staff uses player evaluations submitted by the participant’s former coaches to evenly roster teams.
  • Please review the Recreational Player Requests Policy prior to submitting your requests.

Q. What is your refund policy?
Please click here to view the refund policy.

Q.  How do I know if our game/practice is cancelled?
Brams United staff will share communication by 4:00 PM on the day of the event with confirmation of cancellation. If you do not hear from the Club by 4:00 PM, please proceed to the field. Field convenors or referees can make a decision on the field based on conditions and guidelines ensuring the safety of our players are the priority.  Please refer to our weather policy and the City of Brampton’s field status site