Micro Program (U4-U8)

The Brams United Girls Micro program takes a comprehensive approach to introducing young girls to soccer by recognizing that as they begin participating in the sport, their needs and reasons for doing so, can vary drastically.  Brams seeks to accomodate families with both developmental, long-term asipirations as well as those families who are simply looking for a fun physical activity for their daughters to participate in.

Our Micro program follows Canada Soccer’s Long Term Player Development model with it’s primary focus at these early stages being the players physical literacy. Physical literacy introduces the girls to an assortment of physical skills, increasing in complexity as they grow older.  Starting with running, jumping, kicking, etc. on to more difficult physical skills like agility, improved balance, physical co-ordination and speed.

To ensure a consistent quality of experience and opportunity to learn for all the girls, we recently implemented a new Collaborative Coaching philosophy, that involves experienced parent coaches, Brams Alumni players, current Brams players (both Rep & House League) and members of Brams United’s Technical Staff.  Coaches are able to collaborate on concepts and drills, rotate players through stations for more efficient and action packed training sessions and the players are exposed to a larger number of personalities and coaching methods.  With this approach, we are able to provide a higher quality of coaching and ultimately a better experience with soccer, for every girl in the program.

In addition to the standard Micro House League sessions, which are comprised of a practice/game split session each week, Brams launched the Micro Rep Prep program during the 2016 indoor season.  The Rep Prep program provided players who are interested in developing their soccer skills further and offers them  additional high level training sessions outside of their weekly recreational team training.  Rep Prep is open to players in the U6, U7  & U8 Micro programs. The U8 Rep Prep program is geared to preparing the players interested in entering the Brams Rep  Program.

Our Micro players were recently treated to skills camps with National Team players Lauren Sesselmann, Ashley Lawrence and Kadeisha Buchanan (the latter two also being Brams Alumni).  Skills camps for players this young are an extremely rare occurance and Brams is one of the only clubs to offer these types of sessions for girls at these young ages.  We anticipate these skills camps to become a more regular occurance for our Micros.