Match Official Guidelines

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 Laws of the Game for 2021-2022 Season Presentation

Game Sheets
• Game sheets and any incident reports must be e-mailed to Customer Service within 48 hours
• Game scores must be entered in PowerUp within 2 hours of match completion
• All fields on the game sheet must be filled in.
• Only Brams United games sheets will be permitted as verified documentation for games that have been officiated. Any and all other forms of game sheet submissions will not be accepted; No Game sheet, No payment.

Pay Periods
• Payroll will be generated on a monthly basis, and only if games are completed online by the time period outlined above
• Payroll is conduct via Direct Deposit – void cheque and TD1 forms must be submitted for payment

• Game assignment will be generated 2 weeks prior
• Availability must be submitted two weeks in advance. Only provide dates you are available to work. If you are unsure, please leave blank
• Games must be accepted within 48 hours of assignment. If the assigned game is not claimed within that time period, the game will be removed from your schedule
• Referees are not able to decline game after it has been confirmed into their schedule 48 hours prior to kickoff. If the referee is unable to officiate the match, it is the responsibility of the assigned referee to find a replacement or switch “shifts” with another referee. Any switching or replacement referees must be communicated to Club Head Referee

• Referees must attend every game they’ve committed to officiating. If a referee is unable to officiate a game after attempting to alleviate the game with another referee, the assigned referee must contact the Club Head Referee via email, text or telephone including a valid reason (eg. Illness, death in family, accident).
• If an assigned referee misses 1 game without valid reason or any communications, the referee will be fined the game fee (Referee No Show Form)

Coaching Staff/Player Dismissal
• Verbal and physical abuse is not permissible – referees must complete a Special Incident Report and submit within 24 hours to Club Head Referee
• If a coaching staff or player is ejected from game, the game must not resume until the member has vacated the premise.
• If you feel as though your safety is at risk during any time, abandon the game.
• There are 4 (four) types of reporting sheets if one of the following occur during a match: caution (yellow card), send-off (red card) referee assault form and special incident form.
• Report writing guidelines available here