Development & Competitive Orientation

Brams United is proud to run a comprehensive program that provides players with holistic development opportunities. With experience working in High-Performance organizations, and a strong understanding of the female athlete, the staff at Brams United is committed to ensuring each and every player has the opportunity to develop in the appropriate pathway and program, and receive support both on and off the field. The program includes scheduled training with technical coaches,  Athletic Scholarship Program, exclusive female leadership events, showcase/tournament entries, sports psychology,  and much more! For full details regarding what is included in our programs, please visit here: Program Outlines

Development Orientations and Competitive trials are hosted annually in September, however, players are welcome to contact Jordan Brown directly if interested in trying out the programs.


Age Year of Birth
U8 2013
U9 2012
U10 2011
U11 2010
U12 2009
U13 2008
U14 2007
U16 2006/2005
U21 2003-2000
OWSL Open Age Open Age Women's