Athletic Scholarship Program

The Brams United Athletic Scholarship Program starts at U14 (Grade 8) is managed and run by Cyprian McFarlane, our Technical Director.  Cyprian has been involved with athletic scholarships since 2002 and has helped many of his former players and other soccer players (male and female) secure University/College soccer roster spots and find sources of athletic and academic aid. 

Cyprian hosts regular workshops to give parents and players the information required to navigate the complex and sometimes confusing athletic recruiting process. 

Brams United players who have serious athletic scholarship aspirations receive personalized guidance, as outlined below:

1) Academic Guidance– Should the family feel comfortable and willing to share the information, Brams United tracks academics and course selections to ensure that the athlete is taking the courses in the right stream (Academic vs Applied) and the right combination of courses so that they will be eligible to play in the NCAA should those aspirations materialize.  Cyprian McFarlane will also forecast course selection for the entire high school career so we can plan in advance and adjust course selection, once again to ensure the athlete is academically eligible.

2) Highlight Video– Includes capturing footage with an elevated camera and providing the players and parents with footage on a regular basis.  This provides the athlete with ample footage to create a highlight video. Each team will have an account to share clips and videos. The Technical Director will also analyze each highlight video to provide advice on the clips to ensure that it will be most attractive to College Coaches.

3) Marketing– Brams United helps the players with marketing and getting their name out there to College Coaches by sending emails on their behalf on certain intervals throughout the year and also in advance of any showcase tournaments.

4) Guidance and Consulting– With 336 Division 1 Women’s Soccer programs – the numbers can be daunting – our in-house expertise helps guide players and parents through the process and helping them to determine which schools might be a better fit for them from an athletic and academic perspective.

Furthermore, Brams United manages the process via the checklist below, ensuring that players stay on track and will meet the necessary academic and athletic requirements to play soccer in College/University. 

Brams United Athletic Recruiting Checklist 

  • Education – Understanding Options & Opportunities for athletic, academic and/or financial aid 
  • Academic Eligibility & Requirements 
  • Creation of Athletic Resumes 
  • Athletic Testing and Data Collection 
  • Creation of Highlight Videos 
  • Assistance with Eligibility Center Registration 
  • Assistance with SAT Preparation 
  • Assistance with ACT Preparation 
  • Guidance with searching for academically appropriate institutions 
  • Contacting College Coaches 
  • Attending Showcase Tournaments 
  • Attending ID Camps