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Brams United preferred partner, Dr. Michelle Da Silva is the clinic owner and head chiropractor and acupuncture provider at Family Chiropractic and Athlete Care. Dr. Sa Silva is also a Brams United alumni!

Dr. Da Silva attended the University of Toronto and obtained a Bachelor of Kinesiology degree with Honors. After undergrad, she continued her schooling by doing another four years at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC) and obtained a Doctor of Chiropractic degree with Cum Laude. Dr. Da Silva is also certified in Functional Integrated Acupuncture, Professional Cupping Therapy & Massage, Concussion Management, and Emergency First Responder.

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Long-Term Player Development (LTPD)

As per Canada Soccer, LTPD is a model of athlete development that parallels what doctors and psychologists have long used to better understand human development: as a series of distinct stages, which takes us from infancy through to adulthood. A person’s abilities, behaviours, and emotions, as well as their understanding of the world around them, varies from stage to stage.

Similarly, experts in sport science have identified seven stagesof development — each with its own physical and psychological characteristics —that form the basis for LTPD. When young soccer players are able to train and compete in an evironment that’s appropriate to their stage of development, they not only perform at their best, they also have more fun.

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