Referee Mentorship Program

Referee Development

Brams United has a Mentor Program in association with our other referee development initiatives.

This program allows us to work closely with new and less experienced referees who officiate with our club to guide them in a constructive manner. The program help us identify various areas of development, offer constructive advice and education to enhance techniques/performance on the field and ensure the Laws of the Game are kept correct and consistent. Part of our goal is to ensure we make valuable tools easily accessible for any referee with our club, build a solid support system to retain referees and provide safe learning/playing environments for everyone.


Looking to be a Mentor?

Our mentor program is specifically designed for development at all levels. As a mentor with Brams United, you will be provided with the opportunity to guide and help form new generations of match officials. Some of your duties would include:

  • Report Generation – utilizing pre-drafted templates to grade progress and track areas of improvement
  • Coaching – with a focus on consistency, technique, proper procedures, and current Fifa Law regulations
  • Monitoring – ensuring coaching staff and spectators are following guidelines outlined in Code of Conduct
  • Back-up Official – providing the ability to substitute for any absent match officials

We are currently looking for experienced referees who have the following credentials:

  • Current OSA Referee License
  • Level 4 License
  • 5+ Years Officiating Experience
  • Excellent Attendance Record
  • Excellent Work Ethic
  • Detailed Knowledge of current Fifa Law Book
  • Club Head Ref/Referee Director Referral (if applying from another club)
  • Proficient with Excel Documents and Computer Efficient

Applicants may be required to undergo testing.

If you wish to apply, please fill out the Mentor Employment Application and email an electronic copy to