A few of our LTPD and Competitive Teams are looking for players to round out their rosters for the 2018 Outdoor season. Please see list below and contact the applicable coaches to arrange a time to check out our programs.

AgeYear of BirthPositionCoaches NameCoaches Email
U92009AllColin Hindscollin971@hotmail.com
U132005Goalie x 2Sergio Jorge
Marco Caeiro
John Cullen
U142004AllBob Nagrabnagra32@gmail.com
U162002AllMike Albanesemalbanese24@gmail.com
U172001AllJohn Pereirap3r3irajfp@gmail.com

Brams United offers a comprehensive LTPD and Competitive program developed and run by our Technical Director Cyprian McFarlane and his trained Technical Team.

Our program encompasses the four pillars of player development, physical, tactical, technical and mental.  Through our program every player participates in various seminars, training sessions and activities that ensures the player is exposed to every aspect of the game.

  • 3 to 1 training ratio.  Each age group is given three on field training sessions per week
  • Training rhythm set from day one.  You will know well in advance when and where you will train each season from U8 – U18. Barring any unforeseen changes to field allocations this rhythm will stay consistent per age group throughout your time with Brams Untied making scheduling easier for all
  • Periodic fitness assessments that are recorded and tracked quarterly
  • Periodic Player assessment which assists in the understanding of a specific player’s development progress, allowing for clear communication between Coaches, Parents and Player
  • Sports Psychology Sessions facilitated by a trained instructor with practical on field experience in the sport of soccer
  • Nutrition Seminars provided by qualified instructors
  • Formal documented Concussion protocol – All our Trainers and Coaches are provided Concussion training and our Club Concussion Protocol is overseen by a registered OT ensuring the players safety is first priority
  • Scholarship seminars and education by our Technical Director Cyprian McFarlane who has a proven record of experience related to Scholarship and post secondary options in the US and Canada. Through these seminars, parents, players and coaches gain a thorough understanding of what qualifying criteria is needed when looking into Universities and Colleges for the player and what they need to do in their quest to obtain a scholarship
  • Goal Keeper Training – Dedicated position specific training by a Qualified Goalie Coach.  Sessions offered two to three times a week with periodic game day review and assessments

Check out what our LTPD and Competitive program has to offer.