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List of Current Rep Coaches

If you have any general questions regarding our Rep Program, contact our Technical Director - Cyprian McFarlane at:

Head Coach U8 Pool U8A (2010) Tony Djukic

Assistant Coach U9 U9    (2009) Bryan Francis
Head Coach U9 U9 Collin Hinds

Head Coach U10 U10 (2008) Abraham Hardjana

Head Coach U11 Pool U11 (2007) JT Ross
Assistant Coach U11 Pool U11 Jeff Daye

Head Coach U12 Pool U12 (2006) Errol Fraser

Coach U13A U13A (2005) Marco Caeiro
Coach U13A U13A Sergio Jorge
Coach U13B  U13B John Cullen

Head Coach U14A U14A (2004) Bob Nagra
Assistant Coach U14A U14A Raj Biring
Assistant Coach U14A U14A Chuck Trahan

Head Coach U15A U15A Dino Procopio
Head Coach U15B U15A (2003) Steve Butcher
Assistant Coach U15B U15B Jason Faria

Head Coach U16A U16A (2002) Mike Albanese

Head Coach U17A U17A (2001) Raj Sharma
Assistant Coach U17A U17A Nelson Pereira
Head Coach U17B U17B John Pereira


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