Special General Meeting Announcement and New By-Laws

The Brams United Board of Directors is excited to announce the new 2018 Brams United Girls Soccer Club – By-Laws which will replace our existing By-Laws and Constitution.

The new By-Laws have been presented, reviewed and passed by the Board of Directors as of June 2nd, 2018 and are in place effective immediately. They will be presented for ratification to the membership at the Special General Meeting (SGM) which is being called on July 22nd, 2018 at 7PM (location TBD).

The SGM will hold a dual purpose:

  1. Ratification of new By Laws
  2. Election of a new Board

The new By-Laws encompass a refreshed philosophy in club management.  While assembling the new By-Laws, we consulted our Governing Body (Peel Halton Soccer Association), legal representation and other major clubs to determine an optimal mix of old and new protocols.  The main change is the composition of the Board of Directors.  You will note that the new board Structure will consist of six positions which are clearly outlined in the By-Laws along with any prerequisites required for each position.  This change will effectively end the tenure of the current Board of Directors. This new structure will move the Boards function to a Governance Board vs the Operational Board that is currently in place.  Simply put, this means that the Board of Directors will focus on strategic plans that will move the club forward vs day to day operations that will now be managed predominately by our paid Technical and Admin Team.  The Board of Directors in conjunction with our Technical Director feel strongly that this course of action will allow us to execute better, create more impactful programs and truly lead female soccer development in Ontario.

In the interest of what is best for the Club and its members, it is critical that we fill these positions with qualified candidates.  To assist the Club in this process, a nomination committee, consisting of three external consultants has been independently appointed by Peel Halton and approved by the Brams United Board of Directors. The Nomination Committee will manage reviewing applications, conducting interviews for all positions and determining which candidates will be put forward for positions to be selected at the SGM.

If you are interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors, please review the following process:

Nomination Process:

  1. A member completes a Nomination Form, nominating a member for a position on the Board
  2. The Nominee accepts the nomination and completes the following forms:
  3. All forms are submitted via email to nominations@bramsunited.ca no later than 8:00 pm EST on June 20th, 2018. (Late submissions will not be considered)
  4. Once the Nomination Committee has received all the forms, they will proceed with the outlined Nomination process found in our By Laws.

All forms can be found on our website Forms & Resources section.

Interviews will be arranged, and a list of Nominees selected by the nomination committee will be posted on our website for the membership to review prior to the SGM.

The Board of Directors looks forward to seeing our members step forward to make a difference in driving this club forward.  Take this time to review the new By Laws and consider being part of the new direction of our Club by running for a position on our Board.

We wish all Nominees good luck and see you all on July 22nd, 2018.


Brams United Board of Directors