Player Mental Health & Wellness

As coaches, teachers, administrators and parents, we need to look at the big picture for Canadian soccer. We want to develop “star” players who can play on the big stage, but we also want to encourage recreational players who can benefit from the health aspects of soccer and give back to the game for years to come as coaches, officials, and administrators.

Long-Term Player Development (LTPD) is the Canadian Soccer Association’s pathway to success on both fronts. LTPD is a player-centred approach that provides guidelines for correct training, competition, and recovery based on scientific principles of human development and athlete training, combined with the knowledge of expert coaches.

Player-centred means we respect the developmental needs of our players first and foremost. We ensure that our young players have fun while they learn so they want to continue playing. It also means we provide challenging opportunities for special talents so they can develop their abilities and pursue excellence. All of these needs are addressed in the seven stages of LTPD.

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