Weather Policy

Extreme Weather (Heat, Rain and Snow)

In the event of extreme weather,  the rule of thumb is to show up to the field and/or venue unless the field or venue is closed by the City.  The City of Brampton spans a large area and rain or snow in one area of Brampton does not necessarily mean it has affected your field or venue. At the field, Referees or game Leaders will make the decision based on the CSA guidelines ensuring the safety of our players are the priority.  If heat advisory is in effect Referees may allow for additional water breaks to ensure players stay well hydrated.  Ultimately, parents are to use their judgement on what you feel is best for your daughter and family.  Please note that if the environment and field are deemed to be safe and a team does not have enough players to field the game will be recorded as a forfeit.

Field Closures

The City of Brampton makes best efforts to post closures as soon as possible on their Field Status page.  Please refer to this page for confirmation on the status of your field.

City of Brampton – Field Status

Canada Soccer has Updated its Lightning Policy – In the event of lightning

The safety of players, coaches, management and spectators is the primary concern in any weather event that occurs during all matches sanctioned by the CSA. By understanding and following the information below, the safety of everyone shall be greatly increased. Ultimately the referee has the final say over delaying or restarting a match due to weather. Waiting to stop play or not waiting to start play may result in a serious injury or loss of life.

Click here to read the full policy on Lightning, the 30 for 30 rule and additional information.

Heat related injuries

There are some simple guidelines which have been prepared by the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) when it comes to running activities in a hot and/or humid environment. The goal in participating in hot weather is to avoid fluid loss from the body or dehydration. Educating athletes, coaches and officials is key to identifying and preventing these injuries from occurring.

Click here to read about preventing and identifying heat related injuries

Make Up Games

In the event the field or venue is closed by the City or the Referee/Game Leader has deemed the field/weather unsafe the games will be rescheduled for a Friday within the following two weeks, dependant on field availability. Note make up games will not be scheduled for game cancellations due to lack of players.