Mentorship Programs

LeadHER Program

Aligned with our values to foster and advance leadership skill sets, and contribute to the advancement of girls and women in coaching, Brams United is proud to present the LeadHER Initiative. This initiative will provide various resources and support to girls and women interested in advancing as a coach.

2023-2024 Funded Coach Certification Courses

Brams United is pleased to provide funding for female coaches interested in advancing their coach education. The following items will be required for eligibility:

Registration Steps:

  • Once accepted, you will receive a code to complete the online portion
  • Register for the practical on-field portion here:
  • Select host as Brams United Soccer Club to view the 2 courses available and dates
  • Once the online modules are completed, you will be accepted into the practice portion at no cost

JNR Coach Mentorship Program

To provide mentorship and support, Brams United offers our JR. Coach Program aimed at supporting coaches who have just entered the coaching pathway.

To apply to the program, click here to submit your application by August 1st!

  • Entry Level: Coaches will be paired with senior coaches, or mentors, to volunteer in recreational and supplemental programs. Coaches will get experience receiving mentorship from 1-2 coaches in this stage for a minimum of 3 months before progressing.
  • Junior Coach: This is a paid opportunity for those who have participated in the Entry Level stage. Coaches will be introduced to session planning, and gain confidence in managing a full session with a group on their own in the recreational and supplemental program. They will receive support and feedback from Mentors and the Director of Soccer.
  • Senior Coach/Mentor Coach: Coaches will effectively organize, manage, and plan sessions on their own with access to support and feedback from the Director of Soccer. Coaches will receive feedback throughout their experience and opportunity to participate in coaching courses and education.

Female Coach Resources