Back on the Pitch!


Brams United would like to welcome you to join Jordan and Melanie for presentations, and an opportunity to re-connect via Zoom on March 22 and March 23. Our team will review updated program information, health and safety guidelines, present 2021 Spring and Summer registration fees, new technology to support the program, and the 2021 Technical Plan. 

Meeting ID: 828 4298 9310

Passcode: 808921

Meeting ID: 810 5397 0697

Passcode: 072978

*If you are unable to make your age group timeslot, you are welcomed to attend the second date available.

Brams United is proud to offer $0 Pre-Season training and an opportunity for players to become familiar with our Competitive Programming and decide if it’s the right fit for them! Once we receive confirmation that players may return to the field, registrants will receive confirmation of dates and locations so they may get ready to be Back on the Pitch!

For any questions regarding the Development and Competitive Programs, how to try it out, and more, please contact Jordan Brown, Technical Director at