Call for Nominations- Brams United Board of Director

The Brams United Girls Soccer Club Nominations Committee calls for nominations for the positions of Director at Large (1), Director at Large (2), and Vice-President for a two-year term and for the positions of President, Treasurer and Director at Large (2) for a one-year term commencing after the 2021 Annual Meeting of the Members. Applications are due by March 25 at 11:59PM. The Annual Meeting of the Members (AMM) date will be noted in an announcement to follow.

The Committee is seeking qualified candidates to join the Brams United Girls Soccer Club Board of Directors, who can guide the organization in the direction that reflects the Club’s vision and values (community, development and leadership) and provide leading-edge governance.


The current call for nominations is for the following Board positions:

  1. President (One-year term)
  2. Vice President (Two-year term)
  3. Treasurer (One-Year Term)
  4. Director at Large – 1 position (One-year term)
  5. Director at Large – 2 positions (Two-year term)


  1. The following documents must be executed and submitted (please note that incomplete documents may be rejected):
  2. Candidate Nominations must be submitted by a member in good standing.
  3. Nomination documents must be submitted to the registered office of the Corporation fourteen (14) days prior to the Annual Meeting of the Members. This timeline may be extended by Ordinary Resolution of the Board. Please submit completed documents via email to:
    • Email:
  4. Successful candidates will be contacted to for nominee interviews.


The Board of Directors looks forward to seeing our members step forward to make a difference in driving this club forward.  Take this time to review the By-Laws prior to submitting the Nomination documents.

We wish all Candidates good luck and see you at the AMM.


Brams United Soccer Club